***Packet pick-up available at Memorial Park on Friday night from 7:00pm to 10:00pm and Saturday morning from 7:30am to 9:30am

Different courses for the FGG All the races will start and finish on the beach in Memorial park with the 60-mile riders first followed by the 30 milers         then the 19 milers.

Start in Memorial Park on the beach with a police escort go through park and exit onto Route 8 going south.

Turn right on Miner, turn right on West 4th street north,

Turn left onto Pederson,

 Turn right onto County J.

Take J to Dam RD.

Turn right onto Mae West rd.

Turn right onto Lakewood veer right and stay on Lakewood.

Turn right back onto Mae West

 We will have police protection at Mae West & County I

The 60 & 30 milers go left, and the 19 milers go right or south back to Tony. (Directions for all riders later)

Both 30 &60 take I to Flambeau Rd

Turn right on Flambeau Rd

At Flambeau Rd and Girod the 30 mile group goes left (directions later) and the 60 mile group goes right and proceeds                                                       up to the Camp 41 road down to the river and back onto Flambeau Rd

From the intersection of Flambeau Rd and Girod all riders go to Crooked Rd and proceed to County I.

All riders  take County I into Tony and turn right on North St.

Turn right on Airport road

Turn left on Flambeau road and take it to Falcon road

Turn right on Falcon, turn right onto Old 8

Take Old 8 to Route 8 (the shoulder will be blocked off) turn right on 8.

Turn right onto East 11th, turn left onto Bruno

Take Bruno across the vacant lot

Take a left on E 5th

Turn right into Fairgrounds and follow signs to the finish line.


This will take all riders back to the finish line and onto the beach in Memorial park.

There will be food and refreshments served along with entertainment and the awards ceremonies.

Enjoy the day!